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I was born and raised in Miami, and am currently a student and street photographer out of Philadelphia. I take my work seriously, but try not to take myself too seriously.

Statement of Philosophy in Photography

My goal, when I walk down a street I walk down everyday or a street I am walking down for the first time, is to show you what I feel and see and what the people who live and breathe on those streets feel and see and live. Sometimes it is gritty and raw, sometimes it is comical and absurd, and sometimes it's just plain mundane and boring. My duty as a street photographer is to find those facets, and capture them for you, and try my earnest best to paint a full picture of a place and the people in it. I revisit and reshoot the same places over time, and find that those places have changed, that I have changed, and hope that you can look at these photographs and see these places as I have seen them.

Personal Interests

I have ongoing personal explorations in photography, yoga, and coffee. I like learning new things, doing wikipedia deep-dives, hiking, eating. I make terrible puns when given the chance and am unlikely to advance into higher-brow humor in the foreseeable future.

Professional Interests

I am deeply interested in technology and want to learn how to build teams in such a way as to facilitate good engineering and good design.

I have a strong technological background that allows me to sit close to (or on) engineering teams, but with the business degree fundamentals and design knowledge to step back and operate in a larger product and business strategy context.