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Antonio Menarde was born and raised in Miami, FL, USA. He went to the University of Pennsylvania to study business at the Wharton School and systems engineering. He is currently a software engineer at Microsoft at Azure.

Selected Work: Reliable Collections CLI

Antonio Menarde bought his first camera in 2016, launching his passion for photography. His focus is in street photography and the constructed image (especially in the context of street photography and photo-ethnography). He is interested in capturing a viewpoint of contemporary society, while continuously questioning the role photography plays in the way we perceive society and rely on it as a way to provide proof, even as the medium itself is fallible.

Selected Work: Chance Encounters

Antonio's other projects are often electronic mixed-medium projects, and a sampling of websites and phone apps.

Selected Work: Sapling


Solo Exhibition, Places I’ve Met, The Philomathean Art Gallery, Philadelphia (2019)

Group Exhibition, Temporary Contemporary, Charles Addams Fine Art Gallery, Philadelphia (2019)

Group Exhibition, Shared Experiences, PXL Lab, Philadelphia (2018)