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I am Antonio Menarde. I was born and raised in Miami, and am currently a student in Philadelphia. I am interested in photography.

Professional Interests

I am currently seeking out a new-grad product management role or similar. If you have a role that you think may be a good fit please reach out to me at amenarde@gmail.com

I am deeply interested in technology and want to find out how to build teams that facilitate good engineering and good design.

I operate best in high pressure, high ambiguity roles, and need to be constantly challenged in order to grow.

I have a strong technological background that allows me to sit close to (or on) engineering teams, but with the business degree fundamentals and design knowledge to step back and operate in a larger product and business strategy context.

Personal Interests

I have ongoing personal explorations in photography, yoga, and coffee. I like learning new things, doing wikipedia deep-dives, hiking, eating, and eating (and eating). I make terrible puns when given the chance and am unlikely to advance into higher-brow humor in the foreseeable future.